Font before the Altar

Eric Bowen

Font before the Altar




63.0 x 47.5 in. / 160.0 x 120.7 cm.


Oil and encaustic on canvas

Born into a Christian family in Allahabad, Eric Bowen studied at Delhi Polytechnic and then went to Rome for further studies. He was inspired by the principles of constructivism which looked at art for the sake of serving a purpose. He was also influenced by the cubist-geometric op art imagery that he incorporated in most of his art, be it paintings, sculptures, or painted reliefs. These ‘sculptural paintings’ transcend borders and barriers, creating a versatile expression, which ranges from architectural sculpture to geometrical painting.

published references

Singh, Kishore, Memory & Identity: Indian Artists Abroad (New Delhi: DAG, 2016), p. 388

Font before the Altar
Font before the Altar
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