Art021 Shanghai

Art021 Shanghai

Art021 Shanghai

Art021 Shanghai

NATVAR BHAVSAR: India’s Colour Abstractionist

09 – 11 November 2018


curatorial note

New York-based, Indian artist Natvar Bhavsar has been one of the most important painters of his generation. Influenced by the colour field artists of America in the 1960s, he became acquainted with them and took their language forward in his unique manner. A celebrated international artist, Bhavsar’s works have been widely collected by institutions and museums in America and the West.

Following a successful retrospective of his works in Mumbai, DAG decided to showcase the artist in Shanghai for the colour sensibility and tactile quality he brings to his meticulously crafted paintings, using layers of organic pigments.

The artist was present at the Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair for its entire duration.

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