• The Birds of India
  • The Wonder of India
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The Birds of India

The late 18th and early 19th centuries saw a flowering of Company Paintings that combined the delicacy and detail of Mughal atelier-trained artists with the refinement and rationalisation of European art. The result was the creation of a hybrid Indian art of exceptional beauty, a style unique to the Indian subcontinent whose patronage was almost entirely British. Such a comprehensive and overarching study of birds through Company Paintings has been undertaken for the first time, making this a pioneering exhibition in the evolving study of Indian art history undertaken by DAG. Click here to view the exhibition.

The Wonder of India

The Wonder of India: Explorations Through 19th and 20th Century Art exhibition in DAG’s New York gallery has some stunning surprises in store for you. In addition to all modern favourites—examples from the Bengal School and works by the Progressives—it includes Early Views of India, Company Paintings and Kalighat Pats. Click here to explore the exhibition.

Hope For Humanity: A Fundraiser Sale

We are humbled. DAG’s Hope for Humanity Fundraiser Sale raised Rs 1 crore within 36 hours. We take this moment to thank our patrons for their overwhelming support in helping us raise funds for providing urgent humanitarian aid during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. All proceeds from the sale have been equally divided between the Hemkunt FoundationKhalsa Aid India and Sood Charity Foundation. The week-long sale concluded in 36 hours thanks to your generosity and willingness to support the cause, with 46 artworks sold within the first 5 hours.  We hope our Hope for Humanity Fundraiser Sale becomes a beacon to help overcome the worst exigencies of this pandemic by empowering Covid warriors, saving lives and restoring livelihoods with dignity and grace. 


Artist in Focus


Abanindranath Tagore led a movement to decolonize art, drawing on traditions from Persia to Japan to create a national idiom that was rooted in syncretism.

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Artwork of the Month


G.R. Santosh
Untitled (Shiva-Shakti Series)
Oil and acrylic on canvas
50.2 x 40.0 in.
G. R. Santosh’s study of Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra.

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Publication of the Month

The Art of Bengal traces the evolution of art in the region over three centuries, as the notions of art, culture and the identity of the modern nation state were being redefined.

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