Sanat Chatterjee



9.0 x 5.0 in. / 22.9 x 12.7 cm.


Watercolour wash on paper

This image of baby Krishna, also known as Vatapatrasayi or ‘Lord of the Banyan Leaf’ in Sanskrit, is a traditional one, very often represented in ancient Indian art and sculptural traditions. Sanat Chatterjee, disciple of Asit Kumar Haldar and Kshitindranath Majumdar, the pioneering painters of Bengal School, creates this familiar image with the wash technique in which he excelled. To the painting he infuses a cool colour palette along with features that show his maturity and skill as an artist with delicate lines and sharp features.

published references

Maitra, Shatadeep, Indian Blue: From Realism to Abstraction (New Delhi: DAG, 2021), p. 118

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Art Artist Names Single Sanat Chatterjee

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