Entwined VI (Diptych)

Ananda Moy Banerji

Entwined VI (Diptych)




60.0 x 36.0 in. / 152.4 x 91.4 cm.


Acrylic, oil and oil bar on canvas

Ananda Moy Banerji describes himself as a ‘human landscapist’; ‘it is like revisiting your roots; landscapes that were inspired by my tutor. Only that my landscapes are devoted to human beings as an integral part.’ Line plays a very important role in Banerji’s oeuvre, which the work under consideration bears out. This ‘human landscape’ shows two figures sitting entwined, deep in contemplation. It is probably the same thought that is occupying both their minds as the two seem to merge together physically, brought closer by strong lines that heighten the intimacy but also highlight the tension.

Entwined VI (Diptych)
Entwined VI (Diptych)
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