The River of Dreams

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Rekha Rodwittiya (b. 1958) is a feminist artist associated with the Baroda School. Graduating in 1982, her practice has been influenced by the School’s strong figurative tradition. Trained under stalwarts of the Baroda Fine Arts College like K. G. Subramanyam, Jyoti Bhatt, Nasreen Mohamedi and others, Rodwittiya’s work is influenced by Baroda artists from the 70s but is also distinctly individual in its navigation of gender politics, histories of violence, and discrimination—all of which is explored through a prism of personal experiences. Made in 1994, this painting is representative of the shift in her work from the more allegorical concerns to navigating concerns of patriarchal subjugation through monumental female protagonists who feature in her works as iconic figures.

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Rekha Rodwittiya

Oil and acrylic on canvas

70.0 x 93.0 in. / 177.8 x 236.2 cm.