Manifestations IV: 75 Artists From DAG Collection DELHI | Feb 7, 2010 - Apr 10, 2010

DAG’s Manifestations IV, showcasing the works of 75 significant Indian artists. As a bi-annual event Manifestations was introduced by DAG a few years ago to fulfil the need to present an edited slice from its collection to the art viewing public. The format continues to be the same – a single work of each chosen artist is carefully examined within the unique experiences of his/her artistic journey. What is exciting is the freedom to select artworks without constraints of chronology, style or subject.
Such a vast survey of artists and time spans has been possible because of the artworks collected over the years which, by intent, are not restricted to the few who have been well documented in Indian art history. The publication, Manifestations IV, primarily provides the interface between the artwork and the text, facilitating the viewers with the context as well as the subtext.