DAG is renowned for its museum-quality exhibitions curated both within our gallery spaces and outside. As one of the supplementary services offered by DAG, we extend the same curatorial experience to private art collectors and collections. We offer our dedicated art display professionals to be utilised by you to organise and showcase your art in the best possible manner, creating a uniquely personalised viewing prospectus with harmony between art displayed and display space. The cultivation of an ideal viewing space is of equal importance as the art to be displayed, and different aspects (including framing, lighting, location and surrounding accoutrements) have to be taken into consideration.

The process:
– A dedicated team of professionals, headed by a supervisor, with proper knowledge of the cultural, aesthetic and financial value of the art will be provided
– Thorough research is undertaken on the collection, which in turn complements the curatorial process
– The display of artworks is undertaken through a process of clear dialogue with the collector or collection, and only after a clear curatorial view is established
– The team also suggests the addition or changes in the lighting, wall colour or the rearrangement of furniture or other decorations around the display space.