B. 1943

Shobha Broota’s pictorial interpretation of the resonance of classical Indian ragas form the essence of her celebrated style in which she conveys their subtle variations through the minimal use of colours. An artistic family inspired her to study art, which she did at the College of Art in Delhi, securing a diploma in 1964.

In her early phase, Shobha Broota worked in many genres and engaged with various mediums. She did portraitures, figurative and abstract paintings, and experimented extensively with the abstract in printmaking before arriving at her philosophically rendered, meditative canvases. Her etchings and woodcuts reveal a bold use of colour and the early attempts at an abstract imagery to capture the esoteric, if not yet serenely meditative realms of her imagination. Broota has since developed her art into a form of meditation, as she believes that the blank canvas must be approached with a clean and uncluttered mind. Some of her most recent solo exhibitions, A Path Beyond, Edge of Infinity, Song of the Divine and Music of the Spheres, reflect the artist’s deeper exploration of her style. Broota has exhibited her works at numerous national and international exhibitions and workshops and has been awarded by the Indian government. She lives and works in New Delhi.