We offer a highly personalised art advisory service that covers all aspects of building, managing and realising the potential of a collection. The gallery’s advice is informed by our art expertise and privileged knowledge of the market. With 25 years’ experience at the forefront of our field, we are in the strongest possible position to navigate our clients – first-time buyers, seasoned collectors, private individuals, families and corporations alike – through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making.

The aim of our curatorial advice is to help clients develop an overarching strategy that will maximize the value, quality, coherence and significance of their art – as well as the enjoyment they derive from it. Whether the motivation is passion, investment, or both, we can help build a collection from the ground up; refine the focus of an existing grouping; formulate a curatorial plan for the long term; advise on and negotiate acquisitions and sales, and; instruct on collection management and insurance.

To book an appointment with one of our Art Advisors please email: danish.saifi@dagworld.com