Since its establishment, DAG’s emphasis has always remained research driven. Our curatorial exercises, publishing and filmmaking programmes, art appreciation workshops and educational initiatives have worked together to enhance the understanding and appreciation of modern art in India.

In an attempt to further its holistic approach, DAG has also established a fully functioning Archives department. Archives, unlike libraries, are institutions that store, preserve, and often conserve, giving access to primary records. The DAG Archives has amassed vast quantities of historical and personal records of its artists. These specimens include photographic and print documents, legalese, hand-written letters and postcards, personal journals and diaries, as well as many varied physical objects used by the artists. Our archives department is responsible for the complete sorting, identifying followed by classification, documentation, cataloguing and storage of this material to be utilized for research purposes by the gallery and may also be accessed by external researchers on appointment.

In addition to maintaining our own catalogues, DAG may also accept third party archival and documentation prospects on a contract basis. Please contact the New Delhi office on for more information. Our archivists will be pleased to help you with your requirements.