G.R. Santosh

Untitled (Shiva-Shakti Series).
Oil and acrylic on canvas.
50.2 x40.0 in. / 127.5 x 101.6 cm.

The epiphany that led to G. R. Santosh’s philosophical self-introspection to study Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra that coincided with a resurgent interest in India by the West. At the hub of the neo-tantra movement, Santosh’s paintings revealed his belief in the feminine principle and the comingling of energies that formed the basis of creation—both in the physical, material sense as well as the subconscious desire for enlightenment. This vivid painting captures the traditional geometry through an ovoid triangle, square and circle, where the route to the sacred lies in the sensual.